AI Holistic Adoption for Manufacturing and Operations: Data

The Executive Leadership Perspective   

For the executive leader who is taking their enterprise on a journey of Digital Transformation and AI Holistic Adoption, we started this series with the foundation of Value and then moved to the framework of the Program. Although these are the fundamental building blocks required for success, the results of any enterprise’s analytics, do, in the end, rely on the Data.  

The executive leader has the responsibility to ensure that they and their team are dedicated to mastering data fluency and data excellence in the enterprise. The facets of Data Management are vast with the standard areas of focus including data discovery, collection, preparation, categorization and protection. Strategies for achieving maturity in these areas are well-established in most industries, and yet many industries still struggle. These standard areas of focus in Data Management are indeed necessary but are not sufficient for the needed AI Holistic Adoption.

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