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MIMO's MIT network for machine learning for manufacturing and operations

MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing & Operations

MIMO has been established to increase industrial competitiveness by accelerating the deployment and understanding of machine learning for manufacturing and operations. MIT MIMO is an affiliate of MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations program and has partnered with MIT’s Quest for Intelligence (https://quest.mit.edu) to leverage the Quest’s academic depth and access the latest innovations in deep learning and machine learning for manufacturing and operations.

MIMO  is also working closely with Operations Research Center, CSAIL, IDE, Work of the Future and other MIT faculty to improve innovation (PhD research) and education (Masters student and senior executives) in manufacturing and operations. MIMO studies managerial and technical implementation challenges throughout the entire machine learning workflow including: data collection, analytical approach, process change and workforce implications. Quest for Intelligence to translate the latest innovations to meet the need for deep learning and machine learning in manufacturing and operations.  In addition to the Quest, MIMO is also working closely with Operations Research Center, Leaders for Global Operations, CSAIL, and other MIT faculty in the Schwartzman College of Computing.

MIT Leaders for Global Operations

Leaders for Global Operations (MIT LGO program) partners with the MIT School of Engineering and the MIT Sloan School of Management to deliver a unique Engineering-MBA dual degree program. The two-year curriculum places students in research internships at elite partner companies. Students in the MIT LGO program develop leadership skills to manage operations units in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, high-tech, and global supply chain industries. During the program, students combine advanced engineering and MIT Sloan MBA knowledge, which makes LGO graduates among the most sought after on the job market. LGO alums lead a variety of product development, global operations, and manufacturing development initiatives at leading companies and entrepreneurial ventures throughout the world.

MIT Quest for Intelligence

MIT Quest addresses two fundamental questions: How does human intelligence work, in engineering terms? And how can we use our understanding of human intelligence to build smarter machines for the benefit of society? As part of our mission, we are developing customized AI tools for non-AI researchers, which could accelerate progress in many fields. We see an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of intelligence through the kind of basic research that leads to unexpected breakthroughs. We aspire for our new knowledge and newly built tools to serve the public good, in our nation and around the world.

MIMO is a research and educational program designed to increase industrial competitiveness by accelerating the deployment and understanding of machine learning in manufacturing with three pillars:


Field-based PhD and Masters research in Manufacturing and Operations


Field-based education of PhD and Masters students and industry executives


Authentic collaboration among students, faculty, operational executives and data scientists

MIMO’s Shortest Path to Impact Methodology

MIMO’s Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Machine learning for manufacturing

Solve the right problems

  • LGO Use Case Library
  • MIMO McKinsey Survey
  • Industry Intelligence Panel

Using the right tools and techniques

  • PhD Research Collaboration
  • MIMO Research Forum
  • Deep Learning Workshop

With the right approach

  • MIMO Symposium
  • LGO/MIMO Impementation Playbook
  • MIMO/McKinsey Organizational Playbook
  • LGO Thesis Database
Machine learning for operations


  • Subject matter expertise
  • Physics-based modelling
  • Process Transformation


  • Human interaction and implications
  • Business transformation
  • Deployment excellence


  • Data science methods
  • Digitization and IIoT
  • Data transformation and workflow