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MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) is a research and educational program created to increase industrial competitiveness by accelerating the deployment and understanding of machine intelligence in manufacturing and operations.

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Applied Research

MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) research solves current problems using the latest in machine intelligence techniques and technologies.  We take a hands-on, multi-disciplinary and results-oriented approach to increasing your competitiveness through innovation.  Our faculty and students are interested in problems along the full manufacturing and operations value chain. 

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Student Research Forum

The forum is a weekly discussion group organized by topics, such as fault detection, robustness, machine vision, and predictive maintenance. Each topic will involve discussions with MIT student / faculty researchers and industry speakers  sharing current methodological and application-oriented work. 

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Benchmark Data

MIMO is building a data set of successfully trialed and implemented use cases; enabling technologies and processes; management best practices; and techniques to manage explainability, human interaction and address work force implications. We are surveying manufacturing and operations executives along the full manufacturing and operations value chain and in many industries.

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MIT MIMO works in collaboration with the Leaders for Global Operations program to help deploy the latest innovations in deep learning and machine learning into manufacturing and operations. In addition to the LGO, MIMO is also working closely with Operations Research Center, MIT Quest for Intelligence, CSAIL, and other MIT faculty in the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.
ML in Manufacturing and Operations, Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Duane Boning and MIMO at the MIT Research and Development Conference

In this session on the Advances in ‘Machine Learning in Manufacturing and Operations’, Prof Boning presented a new AI/ML approach that combines multiple classic ML Methods to address unique challenges in Manufacturing and Operations. Learning about these advances is now available through the new MIT MIMO program which provides Sponsored Research opportunities, MIT MIMO / Quest for Intelligence Symposium Series and Machine Intelligence Survey Participation.

More of Professor Boning and MIMO at the MIT Research and Development Conference

Machine Learning Research in Manufacturing and Operations

Over the last decade manufacturing and operations facilities have undergone a substantial digital transformation with a huge increase in IoT connected systems, data collected and global standardization.

In the last 5 years significant improvements in machine learning algorithms, tools and specialized processors have enabled machines to make observations and decisions using these vast sources of data.

MIMO’s purpose is to apply these new improvements to existing data and operational challenges in the field with with measurable and impactful efficiency and revenue improvements.