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MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) is a research and educational program created to increase industrial competitiveness by accelerating the deployment and understanding of machine intelligence in manufacturing and operations.

Participate in the MIMO-McKinsey Study

This study aims to answer the question: What enables a company to successfully implement machine intelligence into their operations and become a leader in their industry? Participation in this study is free and will allow your company to accurately gauge how well you perform in specific KPIs based on your sector. Your company will receive a tailored implementation strategy playbook and access to an exclusive joint insights webinar at the conclusion of the study.

MIT MIMO Symposium
Second Edition

May 9th, 2023

MIT Building E15 (Media Lab)

The MIT MIMO Symposium is a student-led annual event that brings together industry leaders with the MIT community to discuss how machine learning is transforming manufacturing.

Learn more on our Symposium page.

MIT Leaders for Global Operations

MIT MIMO works in collaboration with the Leaders for Global Operations program to help deploy the latest innovations in deep learning and machine learning into manufacturing and operations. In addition to the LGO, MIMO is also working closely with Operations Research CenterMIT Quest for IntelligenceCSAIL, and other MIT faculty in the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

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