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This study aims to answer the question: What enables a company to successfully implement machine intelligence into their operations and how does this affect their performance? Participation in this study is free and will allow your company to accurately gauge how well you perform in specific KPIs based on your sector. Your company will receive a tailored implementation strategy playbook and access to an exclusive joint insights webinar at the conclusion of the study.

What do we mean by Machine Intelligence

From insight to autonomy

We identified four distinct groups of companies that vary in both their approach to machine intelligence and the impact of their efforts. 

What Makes a Company Successful at Using AI? Companies in a wide range of industries are trying to integrate analytics and data to improve their operations, with decidedly mixed results. What are top performers doing differently — and better — than others? In general, leading companies did an honest assessment of where they were, formed a vision of where they wanted to be in three or four years, and looked for ways to rack up quick wins. More specifically, they outperformed in five areas: governance, deployment, partnerships, people, and data availability.

Survey participants will receive a tailored implementation playbook upon full study completion.


The longitudinal bi-annual survey is a collaborative effort led by McKinsey and MIT’s Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) group. It will be used to study artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing and operations- with the goal of identifying how manufacturing and operations leaders create the right organizational capabilities, prioritize use cases with the largest KPI improvements, and track trends over time.

Your company will receive customized feedback to help you determine how you can get on the path towards becoming and staying an industry leader in Machine Intelligence implementation. AI integration is difficult and every company encounters different challenges during implementation. For some, AI improved their business across the board, in areas from efficiencies, to revenue, to responsiveness. Meanwhile, other companies have invested significant sums and still struggle to see success with their initiatives. Even more, others still have trouble determining where to invest to begin the journey. This survey will help organizations understand how their manufacturing and operations AI capabilities compare to other companies. Furthermore, it will uncover the current best practices that businesses use to leverage AI effectively at their organizations.

The inaugural MIMO-McKinsey study asked companies to report their AI capabilities and performance in nine categories — strategy, opportunity focus, governance, deployment, partnerships, people, data execution, budget, and results

Gathering the data required to fill out the survey will vary from company to company. Some companies without established data collection practices will find the process time intensive; however, gathering and inputting accurate data will provide your company with an accurate roadmap to becoming a leader. Once your organization has the data compiled, the survey should take approximately 1 hour to answer the 40 questions.

We recommend the individual filling out the survey be someone with a comprehensive view of the AI efforts at your company or in their division (e.g. Chief Data Officer, CTO, CIO, VP of AI, VP of analytics, Division Director).

Absolutely! If you have multiple unique divisions within your company, each are allowed to fill out their own survey, which will provide more granular insights and feedback for your operations after data analysis.

Customized and tailored playbook that benchmarks your company's performance compared to the rest of the industry, with best practices and a roadmap to becoming and staying a leader in machine intelligence implementation.

An overview of AI in the manufacturing and operations landscape, MIMO and McKinsey will host a joint Webinar for all survey participants to present exclusive insights.

Target Launch Date: October 2022. Website will be updated when the exact date is confirmed.

Target survey close date: 1 December 2022.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s survey, sign up on our contact form and select “MIMO – McKinsey Study” from the interest options.

Contact Info – mimo-study@mit.edu or Our Contact Form

Thank you to our partner companies who participated in the study, including Wayfair, Amgen, Analog Devices, McDonald’s, Cooper Standard, Bayer and 100+ leaders across technology, manufacturing, aerospace, retail, healthcare, supply chain, automation, and logistics.